Friday, February 12, 2010

Catching Up on Friday Favorites

I've been so busy - or out of town - that I've missed posting my Friday Favorites for the last 2 weeks. But I'm back, and here they are. If you're new here, it works like this. The little Google gizmo way down at the bottom of the page gives you a new color scheme every time you refresh or re-enter the page. I've decided to use it on Fridays to find Etsy items that catch my eye and match the first color scheme I encounter on Friday. I also check to see if I've made items that fit into that color scheme. Today's color scheme is called "autumn maple final". I'm not sure what the "final" part of that means, but here are the colors. And underneath that is the group of items that I just love! The shop names correspond to the pictures from left to right.  Have a happy shopping trip!

1.  MarcusBerknerJewelry
2.  GingaSquid

3.  nutmegdesigns
4.  AlchemicMuse

5.  Botanic2Ceramic
6.  shixie

7.  FreshMetal
8.  happylake

9.  AdornMeJewelry
10. BitsyKnits

Here are some items I've made that include colors in today's scheme.

1. Dawn Necklace, 2. Forest Vessel, 3. Pink Poppy Slider, 4. Bog Bead, 5. Garden Vessel, 6. Rose Bracelet

OK, it's lunch time - I'm outta here. Now, YOU go have a happy and creative day!


Ginga Squid said...

That is so funny - I was just looking at those colour squares, thinking how gorgeous they are and how well they go together, and thinking I spun some like that recently ......and then I see a pic of my yarn just below!
Thanks for including it Shirley!
Haven't heard of that colour gadget thing - I'm off to see....

Shirley Cook - Jumping Jack Glass said...

You're welcome, Vicky - my pleasure!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, this is so very pretty. I simply adore sages/olives and burgundys/terra cottas together. This is so elegant and I'm so honored you chose to put our ring in your feature. Thank you, Shirley, you're a peach. :c)


Shirley Cook - Jumping Jack Glass said...

You're welcome, Tina. That ring is so pretty!

Margaret Almon said...

What a cool gizmo! Thanks for introducing me to it and including me.

Alchemic Muse said...

Gorgeous color combination! Thank you so much for including my soap! :)

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