Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let's Get Twisted...

As usual, I'm running late again. I have to teach a beadmaking class in San Jose this evening - it's the last night of class for my 4-week Beadmaking 2 session. Gosh, I love teaching - but the last night is always a bit sad. I'm sad to see my class come to an end, but oh how gratifying it is to see how far the students have come since the first class 4 weeks prior.

Tonight we'll be making complex twisted cane. There are so many different ways of making twisted cane that I could spend an entire 4-hour class on that topic alone! So the rest of my class will be spent on other types of cane, mainly cane used to make flowers, leaves, and stems. And then we'll review all the topics from the entire 4-week series. Here are some twisties that I've made both recently (in last week's class) and several years ago. I guess I really am a pack rat, I can't believe I still have these little bits of cane left over!

Speaking of twisties, here's a group of "twisties" - the Flame Dames! This picture showed up in the latest issue of "Profitable Glass Quarterly" and was taken by Greg Fuchs at the ISGB Gathering in Oakland, CA in August. Holy cow - we are now famous. Yep, I said "we" - I'm one of the dames. Now that's REALLY twisted!

I'll be back later this week with more tidbits from the world of a nutsy artisan. Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

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