Friday, November 21, 2008


Yep, the internet is SOOOOO seductive! It's amazing what you can find by hopping from link list to link list. But it sure doesn't do anything for one's productivity, though - aaacckkk!

I did manage to get some ornaments done yesterday, and I'm on the torch again today. I'll have a couple of snowmen finished by the end of the day, and perhaps a few stockings and gingerbread folks. And, of course, more leaves. I really do love making leaves!
Here's where I am right now - there are 2 missing from the picture because they were too 3D to put on my scanner.
This is not good - I should have 3 times as many as this. I guess I'd better scoot outta here and get back to work!
Hope you all have a creative, productive day!

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