Saturday, July 04, 2009

"I Love a Parade...

... the tramping of feet, I love every beat I hear of a drum."

Here's to a happy Independence Day weekend to all my fellow US citizens - and a happy July 4th weekend to everyone!

I spent my July 4th in a parade. Yep, that's right - my friend Sharon, her step daughter and I got all "duded up" and rode in the Mayor's Fourth of July Parade in Alameda, CA.

Here we are just getting underway... can you guess which one I am? Check out this car, will ya! A cherry 1960 Chrysler Imperial...

Here we are waving our feathers at the crowd.

Still haven't guessed which one of these dames is Shirley? hmmm...

So back to the world of glass and fiber... I've finished up a few more vessels, and I'll have the "raku" vessel complete this evening.

Here's the vessel that I made as a sample for the kits that I sold at the Bead & Button Show. I decided that I didn't want a nekkid vessel, so now it's wearing "jewelry".

And here is the vessel that was inspired by the Chihuly pieces in his "Basket" series. It has a bit of a Zen feel to me. I've embellished both sides of the vessel, and it will be going into my Etsy shop in a bit.

I haven't gotten very far on my ocean piece. Here's what's on my work table out in the wet lab...

I've cut out some templates and rolled up a few balls of wool. Tomorrow I'm going to try and make some serious headway on this project. A few more ideas have been floating around in my head since I started looking at my inspiration pictures, and I think it will be fun!

Oh, and if you're still wondering which of those crazy feather- and tiara-clad gals is me, well... we won "3rd Place Vehicle" in the parade, and here I am holding the trophy! (and no, I really don't have red hair...)

Now go have yourselves a happy and creative weekend!

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