Saturday, January 02, 2010

Projects, More Projects, and Where I've Been

Well, I've taken on a big project for 2010 - a small vessel a month for the Bead Journal Project. At first I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the idea of committing to one beaded vessel a month, but then I took a look at the fiber work that I did in 2009 and realized that yes, I can do this! Here's a wrap-up of my 2009 fiber work - not too bad for having done 4 bead shows and a gallery show along with this work. Now granted, a few of these are pix of a different side of the same piece, but I still accomplished a fair amount. And I've sold 12 of them!

1. Milky Way Vessel, 2. Breeze Vessel Redone, 3. Grove Vessel, 4. Lush Vessel, 5. Bird Vessel Side 1, 6. Morning Light Vessel, 7. Horizon Vessel, 8. Night and Day Goddess Pin, 9. Meadow Vessel, 10. Tweet Pin, 11. Bird Vessel Side 2, 12. Bird's Eye View, 13. Garden Vessel, 14. Sonoma Vessel Side 2, 15. Twig Pin, 16. Raku Vessel, 17. Kimberly's Vessel Side 1, 18. Napa Vessel, 19. Color Challenge Vessel - Side B, 20. Kimberly's Vessel Side 1, 21. Sonoma Vessel Side 1, 22. Color Challenge Vessel - Side A, 23. Solar Vessel, 24. Sunset Sentinel, 25. Sunset Vessel Side 1, 26. Maya Vessel, 27. Autumn Vessel, 28. Currents Vessel, 29. Samburu Vessel, 30. Sunset Vessel Side 2, 31. Zen Vessel, 32. Valley Vessel, 33. Umber Vessel, 34. Sunrise Vessel, 35. Night and Day Goddess Pin, 36. Fissure Vessel

I'm also going to create a few fiber works for a particular "call for entries", but I'm not going to get into any detail about that one right now. I'm still in the brainstorming stage... I have until some time in February to submit my work. I don't want to wait too long, though - it'll sneak up on me for sure!

My most recent project was a vessel that I created because Pam from The Blue Between saw the bird pin that I created and requested something similar in vessel form. Here's a picture of it on my work table in the wet stage.

And here is each side of the completed vessel. I needle felted the front side after it was dry to enhance the tree. I left the tree on the back side alone.

I used a different technique to felt this vessel than I've used with my other vessels and the shape came out different. I rather like the way it almost takes the form of the trees.

Here's the project I completed just before the bird/tree vessel. It was a commission, and I shipped it out this morning - yay!

That's today's news. I have two more vessels to make that are NOT part of any call for entries or year-long project. I guess I'd better go and get busy. And on that note, how about YOU go have yourselves a happy and creative day!


Barrie said...

OMG! The collage is phenomenal!! Pam's vessel is perfect (and SO PAm!!), and the last one just knocks my socks off!!!! I NEED to learn how to do this! LOL :)

Shirley Cook - Jumping Jack Glass said...

Aw, thanks Barrie! These days I spend a lot more time working with fiber than I do melting glass. I never thought I'd see that day... LOL!

Carol Creech said...

Hi Shirley - thanks for your comment on my blog. I love that you are going to do a vessel a month for the BJP this year. Can't wait to see! Your work is beautiful. So fun to see the different things people do.

feltedfibers said...

Hi Shirley, nice to catch up with you, love your vessels they are beautiful.

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