Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm usually quite good with color - sometimes I even amaze myself with my color memory.  There have been times when I've had to buy some yarn, fabric, or beads to match the color of something that I had at home.  In my mind, I conjured up the color of that something, and was able to purchase exactly the right color that I was looking for.  Ah, but then there are those occasions when I have some sort of brain fart... it doesn't happen very often - at least not regarding color - but when it does, I just want to scream!  My latest vessel is a perfect example of this.  And the lousy thing about this incident is that I didn't even have to rely on memory - all of the objects were right there in front of me.

In my last post, I talked about one of the new projects I was planning - a galaxy-related vessel that was inspired by a star button that I have, made by Lisa Peters.  I made the vessel Friday night, and I just love the way that it came out.  But what on earth was I thinking?  When I put the star up to the vessel, the colors were SO WRONG!  The star is a nice bright warm silvery pewter color.  The fibers I chose were crisp cold blues, purples, and black.  The warm and the cold just don't play nicely together.  Here's my finished vessel, which now needs a new focal piece.

It just so happens that I have a lovely  pendant, also by Lisa Peters, that does match the new vessel.  And I've already chosen the correct fiber colors for the star vessel.  Perhaps tonight I'll create it - then I'll have two new  vessels to embellish for my Etsy shop.  

But today is a torch day for me - such a luxury!  As soon as lunch is over, I'll head out to the glass lab to make some long-awaited beads.  And you, my friends, go have yourselves a happy and creative day!


DVArtist said...

I guess I would have to see it in person but the warm pewter seems like it would work with these colors.
Either way I love your art.


Shirley Cook - Jumping Jack Glass said...

Thanks, Nicole! I thought it would work too, but the warm pewter color has a greenish cast to it that just doesn't look right with these vessel colors. Well, at least not to me... perhaps it's just that it doesn't match the image I had in my mind.

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