Sunday, February 26, 2006

Glass Overload?

What an amazing place, this Murano. The amount of glass is so overwhelming, it is impossible to decide what to bring home with me.

Day 1 - Try to stay awake until the local bed time. What better way than to look through the windows of glass shop after glass shop after glass shop.

Day 2 - a trip to Venice on the Vaporetto. Such an amazing city, especially during Carnevale - a Rennaissance Faire on steroids! First impression? Claustrophobia! But I'll be going back next Sunday. So many mask shops - again, too overwhelming to decide on which ones to bring home. Highlight of the day - watching Vittorio Constantini make a fish.

Day 3 - visit all those glass shops on Murano. Make a decision, make a commitment... OK! Must return to pay for the Toffolo pieces I had set aside. Must return to visit all the other shops I had no time to see.

Tomorrow I start class with Lucio. I'm nervous - I don't do sculptural work. By the time the week is over, that will have changed (hopefully). I am energized!

Now I will go lie down in my little twin bed, thinking of the days ahead of me and what might be in store. And if I'm lucky, I won't wake up at 3 a.m. again with my brain racing around in circles.


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