Sunday, March 12, 2006

Just Hanging' Out...

Although I miss being in the studio watching the masters at work, it's nice just hanging around seeing the sights with no commitments. And now I can do that with both eyes functioning. Silly me, washing a contact lens down the drain...

Great shopping in Venice yesterday, and a wonderful start to the mask collection. The weather was perfect, and the view of the Basilica at San Marco as the sun was going down was stunning.

Today, it's snowing! Perhaps a trip to Burano, or maybe just hang out here on Murano. But first, a cappuccino at the foot of the bridge - they might think I met with some kind of disaster if I don't show up for my daily treat.

I've been invited to bring some of my beads to the shop of Luigi the engraver to try my hand at the wheel... with plenty of assistance from Amy, of course. Amy was our class translator and is Luigi's apprentice. I'll dig out some beads and do that later in the week.

As mellow as this week will be, I think the time will pass very quickly. But you know, I'm starting to get home sick. What I miss most is a nice thick hunk of poached salmon and a plate of steamed veggies. My body is still wondering what on earth I've done to it. Eating in is the best way to go here on the island, no doubt about it.

Until next time... Ciao!

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