Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Work in Progress

I have a love/hate relationship with large projects. The idea of creating something significant is so exciting to me! Why is it, then, that once I start a large project I end up getting sidetracked time after time? This happened with my second nuno scarf, and once again my table is being occupied by a tote bag that's taking up so much room that I can't do any smaller projects until the bag is done. I started this bag several weeks ago. Then I had to get ready for the Stitches West show. Then I was AT the Stitches West show. Then I got sick. I guess I need to kick my butt a few more times, go out to the wet lab, and JUST DO IT!

Here is the progress that I've made so far. I took this picture while I was laying out the 6th layer of roving.

I finshed that layer, put down 2 more layers, and turned it over to work on the other side. Once I wet the whole bag down and get it to almost pre-felt stage I'll be adding a few more elements. I'll also be adding a bead to the finished bag to use on the closure. Gosh, I had the bead picked out before I even started the bag - sure hope they work together once the bag is done!

Here's side two after 2 layers - just 6 more layers to go! Sigh...

I finished embellishing one of my felted vessels a couple of nights ago, and last night while I was watching "Dancing With the Stars" I completed about 3/4 of the embellishment on another one. I'll finish that one up today so that I can get photos - then they'll go out into my Etsy shop.

Tonight I'm teaching the first night of my 4-week series of Beadmaking 1 in San Jose. I'd better get to work on finishing that vessel NOW, or it will remain in an uncompleted state for another day.

Have yourselves a happy and creative day!

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