Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Day in Paradise

It's such a lovely sunny day that I had to take a quick stroll in the back 40, a.k.a. our yard. The osteospermum are loving it - and I think they're going to take over!

Niki loves it too. No matter where she is, as soon as someone opens the back door she flies out to join them. Our little explorer... the back fence is covered with ivy, no matter how hard we try to get rid of it. Niki loves getting between the ivy and the fence, no doubt discovering new smells and awful things to roll in. This morning she headed for her favorite corner where she can poke her face into a little hole in the fence and rub noses with the neighbor pup behind us.

I'd really like to extend my "wet lab" into the back 40, but setting up tables in the grass isn't ideal. Perhaps we can put down some hard scape out there this year. That would certainly help my mom - she's very unsteady on her feet and has a hard time traversing the bumpy grass. And I'd love to be able to sit in the fresh air while doing the bead work on my felted vessels. It would be a bit difficult to do that given our current back 40 situation...

Yes, there's definitely something missing. I had a bit of a shock last summer when mom brought her coffee and newspaper outside to spend the morning in the sun, and immediately came back in with her eyes like saucers and her jaw hanging down. The glass table top had exploded or imploded or... well, it was in a thousand pieces all over the grass. Come to find out, tempered glass tables do this on a regular basis. I had no idea! We still have the frame, but there's no way I'm going to put glass in there. Now that the weather is warming up a bit, it's time to do something about a table.

Until that time, I'll just have to continue doing my bead work in the evening in front of the TV. Last night while I watched Steve Wozniak do his best to get eliminated from the group of wannabe ballroom dancers, I put together the collar for the Milky Way vessel. But I'm not satisfied with it and I'm going to start over again. Here's what "release 1.0" looks like. And anyone who as ever developed software knows that you never put 1.0 into the hands of clients. So once I complete release 1.1, I'll attach it and Pam's bead to the vessel and give you the final update.

Tonight I'm teaching the final session of my 4-week bead making class. I'll work on taxes again before I leave - ugh! But first, a bit of lunch...

Have yourselves a lovely and creative day!


Pam @ The Blue Between said...

ah, flowers! It looks like summer there - nice! We have the same patio set, except my glass has not exploded (yet!) I wonder if you can put a wood top in and then tile it and grout it. Or mosaic. That would be fun!

Shirley Cook - Jumping Jack Glass said...

Pam, that's exactly what i was thinking about the table! One of my buddies is a mosaic artist and I was thinking about consulting with her about it. I just need a clone... ;-)

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