Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two More Pieces

I completed two more vessels, and they're just about ready to go into my Etsy shop. It's such a nice feeling, seeing these projects finished - the vessels have been on my table glaring at me for way too long! Yes, if I give them personalities and "facial" expressions, maybe I can guilt myself into embellishing them before they give up on me and leave home. Sometimes it takes me quite awhile to figure out how I'm going to embellish them. I started working on another one last night that had me stymied for awhile. As I was looking at it, an image came into my mind and I finally had my answer. I don't want the bead work to overtake the vessel, so I try to come up with an approach in which the two will complement each other. Here is the result of my latest efforts, which will go into my Etsy shop very shortly.

This afternoon was supposed to be a torch day, but time got away from me once again. I'm going to be teaching two new bead making classes soon, and I absolutely MUST make sample beads for these classes. That will be a fun project - perhaps tomorrow I'll get that one finished. After I run the rest of my errands today I just might spend a bit of time in the wet lab. That tote bag is still calling me...

Have yourselves a happy creative day!

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