Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mom's Day...

... would you like leaves with that?

Today I'm going to spend a bit of time away from the glass lab, the wet lab, the bead lab and the computer (as soon as I'm done here...) and take mom out for a bit of a stroll.  Poor dear gets cabin fever and I have some ideas how to fix that problem on this beautiful sunny day.  She loves flowers (yes, and leaves too...), so we're going to go where there are many of them to look at.

Can you tell I have leaves on the brain?  Not only do I have to make 90 leaves for our jewelry kits for the Bead & Button Show, but we have an order for at least 2 more of those kits right now as well as all the leaves that I need to have in my own booth.  Are you tired of leaves yet?  

        Yes?  Well, at least you can click away from these blog posts.  I still have to make all those leaves!
         No?  Good!  You'll get to see a lot more of what's coming out of the glass lab over the next few weeks.  :-)  

I also have plans for a few more wet felted vessels before it's show time.  At least one of them will have a leaf or two on it.  (Really?  Now there's a news flash!)  The others will hopefully have a few surprises.  Shhhhh.... can't tell you yet.  I have some fun ideas floating around in my head, I just need to get out to the wet lab and get them done.

But today I'm off to go flower-peeping with mom.  For those of you whose moms are still with you, let mom know that you appreciate her.  Now I'll leave you with my latest batch from the glass lab.

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