Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Final Countdown Week

This week is my last big push before I head out to Milwaukee.  I'm trying to "make stuff" while I get everything organized, and I'm also teaching 2 classes this week.  I sure hope I can get everything done!  I'm also working on putting some new kits together - I plan on having them at the show, but they aren't ready for prime time yet.  That's my biggest project for this week, so wish me luck!

Here's more of what came out of the kiln this morning - I was definitely in an earth tone mood yesterday.  

I'll be on the torch again later this week, and I think I'll focus on some blues and purples as well as some other focal beads.  I don't have many tree beads left, so there should be a few more on the horizon.  I'll also have plenty of jewelry with me at the show - earrings and pendants, bracelets and necklaces, and even some brooches.  And embellished vessels, yes!  How am I going to carry all of this stuff on the plane with me?  Sometimes I wish I had Felix the Cat's Magic Bag of Tricks.  Oops... I'm really dating myself with THAT statement.  :-)

Now it's time to get ready for my class.  Have yourselves a happy and creative day!


rosebud101 said...

Good luck, Shirley! I'll see you at the b & b show!

Patty said...

Shirley, your new stuff looks FABulous! I wish I could see your booth. Good luck with the final countdown. I know you'll have a great show.


Shirley Cook - Jumping Jack Glass said...

Thanks, folks! Yes, please come holler at me at the show, I love having company in my booth. :-)

marcy said...

I love your art, Shirley. Have fun at Bead & Button.


Pam @ The Blue Between said...

The leaves are gorgeous Shirley - good luck getting it all done and there in one piece!

Shirley Cook - Jumping Jack Glass said...

Thank you, Marcy and Pam! I've got most of it packed (not taking many clothes - hope the weather isn't all over the place!). Now if the security folks don't drop my bags I'll be all set!

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