Thursday, May 14, 2009

Turning Over a New Leaf

Yep, more leaves.  I'll be making leaves every day until it's time for me to head out to Milwaukee.  All of you are probably looking forward to that day so that you can finally see something other than leaves out here.  Well, before I take to the friendly skies I'll be sure to create a surprise or two for you - and for me, just so I can maintain my sanity!  LOL!

But for now, I'll leave you (pun intended) with my latest "crop".

More sets for our collaborative jewelry kits...

... and some larger leaves.

And now it's time for me to cook some food, then head out to cook more glass.  Have yourselves a wonderful creative day!


rosebud101 said...

The leaves are gorgeous!

Shirley Cook - Jumping Jack Glass said...

Thank you! More coming soon... but you knew that already. ;-)

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