Friday, January 09, 2009

Friday Wrap-up

Here we are at the end of another week. I'm happy to say that I'm no longer getting spam comments coming through the blogosphere - yay! I wish it was that easy to fix my email problems without changing hosting services.

Tonight we're having dinner with friends we haven't seen in ages. We're celebrating our friend Walter's birthday - one of those milestone birthdays - at his favorite restaurant here in town. "... in town." - that town is Fremont, CA. The Centerville district of Fremont is known as "little Kabul". On the strip of Fremont Blvd. between Thornton Ave. and Central Ave. there are many Afghan businesses, one of which is the Salang Pass restaurant. That's where we'll be dining tonight and I can't wait to sink my teeth into some wonderful Ashak... or maybe Qaabuli Pallow... and if I'm lucky, they'll have Bolani Kadu, and maybe... and... and... OK, this will have to wait.

All About Treasuries

Lots of Etsy Treasuries to show you today! I was featured in 4 Treasuries this past week, I'm going to catch up on a few more that featured me awhile back, and I managed to create a few of my own.

These are the Treasuries in which my work was featured. A great big thank you to all the curators!

Windermere Designs featured my Meadow Tree Bead in her "Nature Walk!" Treasury.

And Windermere Designs featured my Brushstrokes Cylindrical Bead in her "Warm Toasty All Over!" Treasury.

Thanks, Barrie! Visit her shop for beautiful jewelry, such as this Peacock Green/Blue Dichroic Sterling Silver ring.


Blue Lagoon Beads featured my Napa Oak Felted Vessel in her "Crimson and Clover" Treasury.

Thanks, Angela! Visit her shop for lovely jewelry and lampwork, such as this Copper Ice Bracelet.


Lady Fran's Artistic Outlet featured my Golden Peacock Felted Vessel in her "WINter, SpRiNg, SUMMER, FaLL MIX" Treasury.

Thanks, LadyFran! Visit her shop for wonderful jewelry, such as this Seaspray Mist Button Necklace.


OhMay Designs featured my Dusk Nouveau Felted Vessel in her "A Peek At Purple Peeps" Treasury.

Thanks, Ohmay! Visit her shop for beautiful knitted items and patterns, such as this Yellow Poppy Knitted Brooch/Pin.


Fanciful Art by pmcookie featured my Late Autumn Leaf Bead in her "A Taste of Warm Honey" Treasury.

Thanks, pmcookie! Visit her shop for fun and vibrant art, such as this Orange Tabby Striped Cat Original painting.


VickiDianeDesigns featured my Storm Brewing Tree Bead in her "ARTISTS OF ETSY EXPOSED PART 27" Treasury. So now you can see what I've looked like over the years. :-)

Thanks, Vicki! Visit her shop for bold and unique jewelry and accessories, such as this WHO SAYS ROMANCE IS DEAD brooch.


Here are the two Treasuries that I created over the last week.
The first is "Late Day SUN on TURQUOISE", which was in Treasury West.

And the second, to applaud the upcoming inauguration is "January 20...".

Hope you all enjoyed this round of Etsy Treasuries!

Starting New Projects

In the fiber department, I just created my first felted flower. I plan on beading it, but I don't yet know what I'm going to do with the finished product. I wanted to use it in a brooch, but considering how large it it, I may have to rethink that. Or not - it might look great on a coat lapel! Then again, I could make a felted bag and put this on the front of the bag. Hmmm... now I know what one of my weekend projects will be.

No new finished pieces from me yet. I've been working on my leaf necklace, but I have to make a few lampwork accessory beads in order to complete that project. Perhaps I'll fire up the torch later this weekend if I can tear myself away from the wool.

Speaking of weekend, I'm off to get ready to start mine. I hope all of you enjoy yours!


Maggie said...

Aren't you the Treasury Queen! Well done.

andee said...

Yay for all the treasuries, Shirley! :) I adore that flower, and my first thought was "bag!"...

Anonymous said...

Great that felted flower.
Thanks so much for featuring my Treasury and my shop.

Itaya Art said...

Wow! You are such a Treasury Goddess! I still can not fathom the timing on creating one much less as many as you have. LOL

Love your choice of color pallets as well. As for that gorgeous flower...I'm thinking either put it on a bag or make a pin out of it and perhaps use it as a scarf pin! Maybe a 'chunky' scarf. :)

Congrats on being featured so many times as well!


Pam @ The Blue Between said...

I LOVE THIS! It's an amazing first flower!

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