Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today's Shopping Trip, More Thank You's

I wasn't going to let the week go by without adding some goodies to my "wet lab" - I just completed an online order for some Merino wool and Harrisville fleece, and new roving should be on the way tomorrow! Here are the selections from the color chart that I will be adding to my palette. Yum!

If I blend some of these colors with colors that I already have, I can get darned close to what I see in the Pantone Spring 2009 color chart. Ah, but do I want to be so "cookie cutter"? Maybe I'll come up with my own blends. But I can't wait for my new wool, I think I'll go make something later today. Perhaps some new vessels are in order. It's been so long since I've added any vessels to my Etsy shop, and I really need to embellish the guys waiting on my table!

A little over a week ago, I had a wonderful surprise when I went to visit jewelry artist Cheryl VanDyck's blog - Lavender Cottage. Holy cow - a full-post feature, what an honor! Thank you, Cheryl. For those of you who aren't familiar with Cheryl's work, you MUST visit her shops - Lavender Cottage on Etsy and Lavender Cottage on 1000 Markets. Here's one of my favorite pieces.

After I wrote about Pantone's Spring color picks, I found myself mentioned on the blog of one of the "Palace Blue" artists I chose - Day By Day Paintings By Itaya. Thank you, Itaya! You can find Itaya's lovely paintings in her Etsy shop Divinity Gardens. Here's one of my faves - looks like a perfect blend of Lucite Green and Super Lemon! :-)

It's no surprise that these are my favorite picks from Cheryl's and Itaya's shops - you know me and leaves and trees. Hmmm, if you DON'T know me and leaves and trees, go to my Etsy shop and see what kind of beads I make. That's the old New England blood in my veins...

Now I'm off to make up a big pot of beef stew - that'll need to cook for a few hours - and while I'm cooking that, perhaps I can cook up another wool creation.

Have a lovely evening, folks!

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