Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Spam Nation

My Weekly Rant

It's amazing how quickly spammers and hackers find ways of disrupting one's life. I've only been posting on Twitter for a short time, and now I see that someone's perpetrated a scam out there. Fortunately, that one didn't impact me. But over the past few days someone has started spamming my blog comments with nonsensical garbage that included links to commercial websites. Looks like they were hitting only my posts with a label of "jewelry". I guess my settings weren't tight enough, so hopefully that's fixed. We shall see...

I had a similar but much worse problem with my email account. It's been hijacked more than once, and someone was sending out tons of email spam using my email server. So I got "blacklisted", and now when I send out emails a lot of folks don't get them because their spam filter blocks my server address. I don't know if it was my email server that was turned into a botnet or if it was actually my laptop. What next?

The year 2008 was the 30th anniversary of spam - well, at least the cyber-spam version of spam, i.e., lower case spam. The only spam I've ever enjoyed is the spam that I saw on TV during that wonderful episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus that first aired in 1971. So let's hear it for the world of spam.

Oh, and if you're wondering where I got this picture of the 70th anniversary of Spam (that's upper case spam), I actually own this can of Spam. How could I resist a nostalgic can of this stuff? Spam had its 70th anniversary in 2007. That same year, Tang celebrated its 50th anniversary - so where's my commemorative jar of Tang?! I never saw one of those in the grocery store. Somewhere in my "archives" (perhaps the back of a closet?), I have a poster commemorating the 100th anniversary of Dramamine. Of course! It has a picture of a roller coaster on it, and I'm a hard-core coaster fan. To find out more about lower case spam, check out this article: Origin of the term "spam" to mean net abuse

Finishing Old Projects

OK, on to other things. I'm still working on the necklace in which I've incorporated some of my leaves but I HAVE finished the 2 lariats. Here they are. These pix were done on the scanner - not that great. When I finally get some pix of them hanging on someone's pretty neck, I'll put them into my Etsy shop.

The first is my "Blush" lariat, in colors of blues, greens, peach and coral.

The second is my "Winter" lariat - the colors are predominantly brown, silver, sage, and a pop of aqua. The colors are very metallic, and the leaf is actually sprinkled with dots of fine silver.

And now I'm off to continue with projects. I'm hoping to show you some new woolies soon - gotta get my felting fix! Until then, have a productive creative day!


Rita'z R-tistic Ramblez said...

I am so with you on the whole spam thing. Hate it, and hate the way other people think it is fine to hijack your email and / or server. Bad stuff. On the plus side, i LOVE your lariats. Beautiful work!!!

Shirley Cook - Jumping Jack Glass said...

Thanks, Rita! I need to get better pix, these just don't show the color very well. Oddly enough, they were very time-consuming to make even though there's no weaving involved.

I'm hoping I don't have to go through my comments here tomorrow and delete a bunch of stuff again - sheesh! ;-)

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