Sunday, January 11, 2009

Start the Week With Color Inspiration

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for color inspiration. I love color, and sometimes I look to Pantone as a guide for the hot colors of the season. In an earlier post I wrote about Pantone's color of the year for 2009.

Today I'm looking at the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2009. They've toned down their bright color choices a bit, but color still dominates. Using 5 of their top 10 colors for spring, I've found some items on Etsy that do a wonderful job of showcasing these colors. Here are the 10 spring colors from Pantone. I've randomly picked 5 of them for my first set of samplers.


Starting with Fuchsia Red, here are 3 Etsy items that are real eye-poppers!

First up is a fun little keepsake box by PBDesign - perfect for that girly girl!

Next we have a lively raspberry tutu dress by TuTuCuteBaby - could this possibly be any cuter?!

On the end is an in-your-face dahlia photo by TrueBloom - spectacular!


Our next color is Salmon Rose, evoking a promising sunrise.

First we start with this original painting by Egilpatr - a work of art executed not a moment too soon.

In the middle is a thoughtful looking Dachshund by dogartstudio - who doesn't love a dog?!

Lastly, here is a set of potpourri tarts by WoodcraftsandCandles - add a lovely floral aroma to your home!


The third color in our lineup is Palace Blue, a lighter and brighter version of Navy.

On the left is a gorgeous faceted glass pendant by redgemstudio - I just might put this on my wish list!

In the center we have the Ohio River Coasters by visualingual - a nice pop of color for your decor.

On the right is the Still Waters abstract painting by divinitygardens - sure to be a calming influence in any room.


Lucite Green comes next, mellowing things out a bit.

First we have a happy little art print by boygirlparty - I can just hear that serenade!

Next is a lovely amazonite ring by Beadoodles - this just cries out "Spring!".

We end with a hip retro limited edition print by kerrybeary - there's a touch of Dark Citron and Vibrant Green in here as well - so cool!


And last, but certainly not least is Super Lemon, staying in line with the year of yellow.

We start with a whimsical flower clock by SpareTime - this will certainly brighten up any room!

In the center is the April Orchid print by marleyungaro - not only was a toned-down version of Super Lemon used in this painting - Fuchsia Red and Vibrant Green show up here as well.

Finishing up the colection are the bright and versatile crocheted stars by CardBlanc. These would look great on one of my hand made bags!


Well there you have my first round-up of Etsy items for Spring. How will these colors influence your creations? Next week I'll blog about the remaining 5 colors in Pantone's top 10 collection.

For now, let the first 5 colors roam around in your head and get those creative juices flowing!


Itaya Art said...

Oh Thank you so much Shirley for using my painting 'Still Waters' in your illustration of the blue you mentioned!

How pretty all the listings blend when one puts them together as you have. I feel inspired big time! :)

Many Thanks,

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for including my dahlia on your lovely blog! x

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