Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Time of Hope, a Bit of Reflection...

I watched the ceremonies today with tears in my eyes, a heart full of hope, and a feeling of wonderment.  I thought back to my childhood when things were very different, and reflected a bit on how much change has occurred since that time.  We are still on a journey to overcome the injustices that happen in our country, but if we work together we can continue to make progress and help make our country and the world a better place.

And regarding this image, all I can say is... WOW!

I found some very old pictures from my childhood - they were taken back in the... dare I say it... 1950's (ouch!).  When we moved into our first house, the first neighborhood kid I met was Nancy.  I didn't understand why her parents never allowed me into their house, but despite that situation we became really good friends.  I have often wondered whatever became of Nancy - we moved to a different town when I was 12 and I lost touch with most of the "old gang".
Here are me and Nancy, sitting at the table in my back yard - and then a subset of us kids in the 'hood.  Many many happy memories from that time in my life...

And now I'm heading to my "wet lab" to sink my fingers into some wool.  May you all have a happy, productive, and creative day!

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artbylmr said...

It was so wonderful to see the nation actually excited and, dare I say hopeful, for the new regime.

I love the old photos. They remind me of some I have. I wanted to let you know that I added you to my blog roll as I promised. Thank you for 'following' me!


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